101 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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101 Approaches to Get targeted traffic to Your internet site

Over 100 methods to drive traffic to your website, drive traffic to your site

Among the chief concerns we now have as webmasters you are able to get targeted traffic to our websites. Lacking the knowledge of ways to get increased traffic, how else will any of us acquire more leads, make more sales and attempt to make money online?

There are a number of ways to obtain more traffic, so I�ve collected their list of my personal favorite traffic-generation techniques. I�ve experimented with get them organized into the following categories:

 Content & Article Marketing
 SEO & Search Engine Marketing
 Video Marketing & Podcasting
 Email Marketing & Syndication
 Advertising & PPC
 Public Relations & Getting the news out
 Social Media & Bookmarking

Content & Marketing with articles

 Start your site or put in a blog aimed at your website. Use WordPress. Tip: Don�t go with the free WordPress hosting provided by WordPress.com. It�s a watered-down sort of WordPress you can't optimize!

 Research your article keywords while using Google keyword tool. Target your blog posts and articles using these keywords. (Read How to Add Keywords to your site.) This helps your site content rank higher in the listings. - marketing ideas

 Update your internet site or blog frequently. 3 x each week is fantastic. Daily is best.

 Write better headlines. Writing compelling headlines that convert into views is surely an art. Make sure you research your keywords and work them to your headline. Keep the headline congruent together with the webpage it describes.

 Stay from duplicating other posts and articles. Duplicate content is one of several big no-no�s according to Google and your site could be penalized or banned in case you are engaging in this practice. Tip: If you�re hiring out your articles writing, make sure the contractor knows their work has to pass a plagiarism-detection tool like Copyscape.

 When considering content on your website, there's two methods to consider: timely very hot topics or evergreen. Hot topics-like world events, emerging technology or celebrities-will provide you with a opportunity to talk with something is on everyone�s minds, however those topics often cool off and fade from relevance over time. Evergreen content-as the name suggests-is content that provides timeless value, depending on principles that aren�t as planning to change with all the public�s mood. An excellent piece of evergreen content will bring traffic steadily, every single year, and creates an actual advantage to your web site.

 Convert your site articles to Adobe PDFs and offer them on Scribd.com.

 Offer to guest post at other highly-ranked websites. Add your URL in your bio box (your brief description with regards to you and the way to reach you to learn more.)

 Comment on other blogs within your industry or niche. Build your comments thoughtful, courteous and rehearse a keyword or two. Add the link to your internet site.

 Similar to blog commenting, offer helpful solutions on Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora. Place the brief synopsis of your respective solution in answer to the question you�re addressing and post the link fully article (already posted on the website) when they need to learn more.

 Join niche-related forums and give advice, inquire, etc. Include links for your websites within your forum signature.

 Offer a whitepaper that answers a standard challenge to your audience. Collect email sign-ups in exchange. Deliver your whitepaper automatically with your confirmation autoresponder.

 Write an ebook. Include links to resources and your own URL. Offer the ebook on your website.

 Place your brand-new ebook into ebook directories at no cost or low-cost download.

 Convert your ebook into a PowerPoint presentation and post on SlideShare.

 Repackage your ebook for delivery for the Kindle, Nook and also other tablet platforms. Then offer it available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

 Add your blog posts BlogCarnival.com. Host your blog post carnival to create contact with others inside your niche while building the significance in your site.

 Form your blog promotion network. Accept retweet, mention, link you aren't promote one member per week. (This requires 100% dedication from all members making it work. If a member begins falling upon their commitment, they�re out.)

 Article promotion. Submit your pithy articles to sites much like the following please remember to feature keyword links leading to your website. (Read Marketing Mastery Series: 5 Steps to Powerful Marketing with articles.)
 Associatedcontent.com (now Yahoo Voices)

 Build a quiz or self-test that shows people something about themselves. Entertaining, informative or both, bring value through self-discovery. Though I'm certainly biased, here's an example I especially like: Branding 101: Discover Your Brand Archetype Quiz

 Create a Squidoo lens. This is the variety of original articles that link returning to your site from your Squidoo page.

 Add a forum or discussion group software to your site. (Quote: It requires time, dedication and want to grow a thriving community, nonetheless it can be well worth the while.)

 Offer regular webinars and communicate the schedule and topics by your website and e-mail lists. Tip: Record the seminars and add them to a members area on your own website, or make sure they are available 24/7, thereby bringing much more value to your site.

 Offer a free tool, template or software. When Hotmail was first introduced, each message carried a bit signature at the bottom of each one email nevertheless �Get your free email at Hotmail�. The email system went viral, spreading naturally from inbox to inbox.

 Need help getting posts out regularly? Hire a ghost-writer via an outsourcing service like iWriter, oDesk, Elance, etc.

 Create a powerful infographic. When succeeded, infographics make even the driest material visually interesting, effectively grabbing and holding the reader�s attention long enough to deliver the message-and your URL.

SEO & Search engine marketing techniques

 Use keyword-centric tags using your WordPress posts.

 In WordPress, ensure that you leave trackbacks fired up. Whenever you hyperlink to other site owners, a message will notify your site owners of the new link and they're going to likely see your site. They will often even link back!

 Install google's Sitemap XML plugin for WordPress. It automatically sends updates to Google as well as other search engines like yahoo once you create a new post, helping your material get indexed more quickly. Don�t possess a WordPress site? Use Ping-O-Matic to accomplish exactly the same thing.

 Can�t make use of the Google Sitemap XML plugin for WordPress* to generate your sitemap.xml or robots.txt files (employed by Google and other search engines like google?) Work with a sitemap generator like XML-Sitemaps.com.

 Two words: Google Authorship. Push the button and acquire see your face to show up beside your site content from the Internet search results. (Read Google Authorship: The way to get Your Picture into Internet search Results.)

 Install Google Analytics on your site and also view it occasionally. It doesn�t even have to be Google Analytics, but you should be able to see how much traffic you�re receiving on a weekly basis where your prospective customers are coming in from? How could you intelligently drive more traffic to your internet site should you don�t know what�s already helping you?

 Submit your site to go looking engines and appearance directories. Seems obvious, but many folks don�t know the place to start. Here's a report on a few of the top search sites:
 Yahoo! Search
 Alexa Internet

 Use the linkdomain command in the search engines (ex. linkdomain:marketingideas101.com). Even if this only shows a subset in the links that lead in a domain, it can present you with a thought regarding how your competitors increasingly becoming their rankings.

 Research popular misspellings of one's company�s name the ones of the competitors. Buy those website names and forward these to your website.

 Find expired domain names with your niche that are still receiving traffic and get them, directing them toward your site. Just for this, I recommend Expired Domains.

 Use a custom 404 page to help individuals discover the information they are seeking from your website if it moves or else becomes unavailable.

 Reciprocal linking campaigns with mid- to high-PR sites can offer an enhancement for your rankings and traffic. The very best backlink is often a one-way, dofollow link from the high PR site. Also, if you�re just getting to grips with your web site and you've got low PR, then you've got to incorporate some great content, otherwise your opt-in rate using a reciprocal campaign might be low.

 Join a web site ring like WebRing. Advantage: Niche-related linking. Disadvantage: Uglies the site. (Less of an disadvantage in case you already have an unpleasant site. If that�s the situation, start!)

 Pay a freelancer or company to get obscene numbers of traffic in your case. Just beware of the very real chance even tho it's a scam (Read Useful information on writing Bring customers Using Fiverr.)

Social video marketing & Podcasting

 Read or get hold of your ebook contents in an audio post or group of audio posts make on BlogTalkRadio or iTunes.

 Why only create audio posts of the ebook, blog post or content? Develop a video demonstrating the identical information and post to YouTube and Vimeo. Include links back to your site within your video description and in video captions. Tip: you can do this either by presenting the pad yourself, hiring someone to present it, or by setting up a video with something like Animoto.

Marketing with email & Syndication

 Link your website together with your Aweber email marketing account. Take signups on your newsletter, ebook and other promotional/informational offers. This can improve your emailing list.

 Establish an Feed for the site. Include it with FeedBurner.com. (Well.. what was Feedburner. Google gobbled them up.)

 Connect your Feed broadcasts to your Aweber marketing via email service. This will likely deliver your site posts within an enewsletter format for your mailing list. Set the subscriber list to weekly or whatever is acceptable for the posting frequency.

 Email your present and past customers regularly. Question them regarding their desire for services and services (segment your list accordingly.) Send letters of appreciation, short polls, tips, client spotlights and also other relevant correspondence to be at the front of their minds.

 In your enewsletter, don�t embed complete articles. Instead, display hook paragraphs with backlinks to the full articles yourself site. And also this enables you to gauge what topics are most important in your readers.

 Don�t stop with simply offering your whitepaper from a newsletter signup confirmation page. Add your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ profiles and links to other websites you use that complement.

 Syndicate your site with Technorati.

 Include your site URL with your email signature. (It�s a fantastic place to offer a few of your social networking URLs also.)

 Run a solo ad, whereby you make payment for you to definitely promote your offer for their list. Review of your list owners carefully here; all just isn't as it may look. (Continue but be careful. Read Solo Ads Advertising: Why Solo Ad Scams Suck.)

 Conduct an advertisement swap. You do have a email list. Another marketer has their email list. Your offers align with each and every others� mailing lists. The other marketer sends your offer on their list so you send their offer to yours. Everything being equal, each of you should see your opt-in lists expand. (Get going at Safe-Swaps.com.)

 Join venture with another marketer. Much like a solo ad, you have your ad to their list, using the difference being they get yourself a cut of the sales as an alternative to going for a flat fee.

Advertising & PPC

 Run pay-per-click (PPC) ads using Facebook ads, Adwords or Bing Ads. Tip: Watch your ad performance carefully initially. You are able to lose lots of money quickly in the event you don�t give consideration!

 Pay for banner ad campaigns on other websites. Target websites with your niche, preferably. This is the secret to begin receiving qualified traffic.

 Banner exchange. Comparable to reciprocal links, you agree to trade banners along with other site owners. Aim for exactly the same or complementary niches.

 Post free or paid ads on classified ad sites like Craigslist, ClassifiedAds.com, and Backpage.

 Begin an affiliate marketing programme and spread the wealth! Pay others in promoting you to definitely their website visitors and mailing lists by providing them a cut. Be sure to can track referred traffic correctly before rolling this out.

Public Relations & Spreading the Word

 Offer to begin a recommendation column for local media outlets. Have some example column posts and know your pitch prior to approaching publishers. Finally, make sure the publisher�s audience matches your personal.

 Along the same lines as an advice column, offer to write down an editorial. This really is similar to guest posting on someone else�s blog. By providing thoughtful comprehension of a common challenge or current event, you bring value for the publication plus a spotlight in your own efforts.

 Write an engaging press release and post to free website article sites and local media outlets. Here is a narrow your search of free and paid website article sites:

 Are your offline ads supporting your web marketing efforts? You should have your URL in your business cards, flyers, brochures, letterhead; all stationary.

 Pay a higher school or university student to put flyers together with your offer and URL about. Include college campuses, malls, grocery stores, houses, etc., as long as business proprietors are asked and so long since the location is congruent (or neutral) together with your offer. These locations should be places where your audience frequents. Tip: Unclear those flyers won�t finish up in the garbage? In today�s chronilogical age of smartphone's, buy each picture of the flyers as they�re placed.

 Drive your URL all over town. Brand your URL to your license plate cover, bumper sticker, and have it added professionally to your vehicle�s rear window, tailgate, side, etc. Better if your car is exclusive in some way (and I�m not speaking about that rust spot in the shape of Elvis or the Virgin Mary.) Want to take this over the top? Put money into an eye-catching vehicle wrap.

 Buy a couple of sandals or boots and carve your URL into the bottom of them. Go walk on wet sand or snow and give those that follow within your footsteps something to consider.

 Hold a contest. Winner receives a rave review on your own site, an exciting toy or gadget, cash.. whatever. The more compelling and niche-appropriate the prizes, the higher. Announce the competition winners in your site.

 Join a neighborhood business group or association. Members often reap the benefits of being placed in the member directory, filled with their website�s URL.

 Your card needs to have your link onto it, needless to say. Better, make use of the back of the business card to imply a special offer, promotional code, promotion or other thrilling reason behind them to go to your site. Now those networking mixers could actually bring some appointments with your internet site instead of seeding your business cards at the bottom of trash bins across town.

 Sponsor a league team. This might be softball, darts, roller derby, bowling-even chess. Think about the audience (the gamers as well as their families and fans) along with your own interests when choosing your sponsorship opportunity.

 Get seen in the news. This method did wonders for Dave Mayer of CleanBottle.com. Dressed up in a huge bottle costume-complete with URL-Dave was initially caught on video running along Tour de France bicyclists. It went viral and CleanBottle�s orders exploded. He has since chose to make this technique a cornerstone in their online strategy, though he�s occasionally roughed up by drunken cycling fans.

 Give an active talk, presentation, seminar or workshop. At the conclusion of that event, you have to be collecting a brief survey to determine how you can improve the next event. Request emails from people that confirm they need to opt into the email list.

 When folks were becoming a member of that event, did they complete a registration form? It do not happen to be printed! Any flyers or advertising for your event should indicate your internet site where they�ll find more event details and also the registration form.

 Give interviews. Whatever the format, a recorded interview can provide you great contact with your market and places you within the expert seat. Since the interviewer for the set of questions ahead of time, or offer your own. Practice going to ease and ask for a replica with the interview to use in your own marketing efforts.

 Interview others. Each and every interview you conduct, the more it is for you to interview larger names in your industry. The larger the names, the larger the draw. Tip: Have your recorded interviews transcribed and gives them on the website. It�s a powerful way to generate fresh content!

 Offer to present a product review (whether positive or negative) or testimonial in return for a backlink.

 Send your product or service (for free) with other online marketers to have an online product review.

 Hand out promotional items together with your URL with them. Don�t skimp here. Nice metal pens and USB drives tend to usually stay with me for the while, even though they've got a logo and URL emblazoned in it.

 Hold a web based treasure hunts. Contestants compete to reply to riddles and collect clues to win mind-boggling prizes. Of course, among the clues (or treasure!?) will be in your website.

 Printed banners, billboards and skywriting. Enough said there. Better: Save yourself the printing costs. To retaliate against political sign thieves, Michigan digital marketing agency, Oneupweb projected a 30-foot video loop of an dancing Senator Obama on the side of these building. The stunt made the night news nationwide.

 Produce viral content. How? One idea would be to come up with a legend become a reality. Footwear manufacturer Hi-Tec, created a compilation of �reality� videos showing their new line of athletic shoes were so water-resistant, individuals were looking to are powered by water-and these folks were succeeding.

 Tattoo (temporary or otherwise) your URL on your body. Whatever important will get analyzed.

 Ask a celeb to put on a t-shirt or dress using your URL printed onto it.

 When attending a tradeshow, your team wear exactly the same shirts, visibly labeled with your URL. Buttons and hats are another sort of this.

 Create an award program. Establish the guidelines, the award graphics, pr release templates, etc. Be discerning about how you select your candidates to make your announcement. Encourage the winner(s) to put the new badge on their website. Obviously, it�s one of the links to the award summary yourself site.

 Promote sales, introductory pricing, free trial offer and other enticing promotion to guide deal-conscious buyers to your site.

Social Media & Bookmarking

 Facebook. Share interesting or relevant posts, images and videos in your Facebook �fan page�. From time to time, include a link to your personal website.

 Facebook. Install the NetworkedBlogs Facebook app and correct your blog to Facebook. When you post to your blog, this post automatically shows in Facebook.

 Facebook. Link your Facebook account along with your Twitter account so an article in Facebook automatically posts in Twitter. This lightens you want to log into both accounts and adds diversity to your Facebook, particularly if you�re smart enough to automate a lot of them using�

 MarketMeSuite. Manage your social media streams and accounts from one place. Best: Create, schedule and upload your social networking broadcasts per week, month, quarter or year at any given time. Greatly decreases the facebook marketing burden.

 Twitter. Display your Twitter go after your site or blog. If you�re utilizing your Facebook or Twitter account regularly, your tweets display and serve to freshen your web site. This encourages repeat visits and updates your website, keeping you fresh in Google�s listings.

 Twitter. Add your website�s link in your Twitter bio.

 Twitter. Tweet regarding your product, service or articles. Include links on your onsite material. Use hash tags (#) to incorporate your tweets to relevant topic streams.

 LinkedIn. Connect your WordPress blog along with your LinkedIn account so that your blogs show up on your profile.

 LinkedIn. Add your URL in your profile.

 LinkedIn. Start a LinkedIn group. Best: Target your niche and mention your location inside the group�s description to create a more focused group.

 LinkedIn. Too busy to get started on your personal LinkedIn group? Join other groups and increase the value of those communications. Often, those posts may be expanded for being full articles all on your own website. Then provide the link to the gang.

 Pinterest. Add interesting, non-copyrighted graphics to your webpages and blog posts then pin them to your Pinterest account.

 Create an account in different of these popular social bookmarking sites. Incorporate your URL within your profile.

 Using these popular bookmarking sites, bookmark links of value, related to your niche. Your personal website ought to be one of these bookmarks.

 Ask others to bookmark your site. Or bribe them. Either way.

And finally-because you can�t have a report on only 100 marketing applying for grants an internet site called �Marketing Ideas 101�:
Content & Article Marketing (cont.)

 Make a �100 Ways to� list post and get website visitors to share when they thought it was helpful. Not nearly that ambitious? Result in the list �10 Ways to�, �3 Ways to�, �50 Ways to�-you receive the idea.

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